Mastiff – Tamora Pierce

11f742d42cc79cb593171426151434f414f4141This the final book of the Beka Cooper books, and it’s a doozy. She and her partner are summoned with some haste to the Summer Palace, where they find that half of the servants and guards there have been slaughtered, and the young prince has been kidnapped. Beka promises the frantic queen that she will find her little boy.

They’re joined by a mage named Farmer, and a lady knight, and begin a trek into the wilds of Tortall, tracking the prince. It’s a journey unlike any other that Beka has ever been on, and it will test her and her friends like nothing before. For a YA book, this one goes fairly dark, which is a good service to the story – all of the politics surrounding this kidnapping are deadly serious, and are dealt with very accordingly. It’s really good book – a fitting end to Beka’s tale.


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