Changes – Mercedes Lackey

0c97adf7015bd00596b37516951434f414f4141Mags is still a Herald Trainee, but the King’s Own Herald has asked him to assist in a dangerous task. The group that’s attacked the palace twice now is still in play, and it’s becoming clear that someone in the palace itself is working with them. Mags and Nikolas pose as pawnbrokers in the poorer part of the city to try and get information to flush them out.

At the same time, Mags and his friends are taking steps towards who they’ll be when they’re done with training. Bear undertakes the task of fixing Amily’s badly twisted leg (which will allow her to be more independent), Lena is learning to deal with her narcissistic father, and Mags himself is starting to understand that he will be Nikolas’s replacement eventually as the Herald’s chief spy.

I’m enjoying these books. I think I’ve always enjoyed the Herald books set in the palace the most, and having Mags working in Haven brings some fun new detail into things. Two books to go in this series- can’t wait to see where things go next.


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