Frogkisser! – Garth Nix

4b528895550c633596e58706e77434f414f4141This book skews to the younger side of the author’s work, more young reader than young adult. Princess Anya and her sister Morven are unlucky enough to have two step parents – first their mother died, introducing their step mother, and then, when their father died, she remarried their step-step father. Who is an evil sorcerer, and absolutely wants to take over their kingdom.

When he tries to send Anya off to a school so far away that it’s obvious he’s planning to have her gotten rid of on the journey there, she instead escapes, and goes on a quest to figure out a way to get rid of him.

This is pretty standard fairy tale stuff, except that Anya is the one rescuing princes, and herself and her kingdom along the way. It’s definitely cute, and a nice quick read.


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