Sweep in Peace- Ilona Andrews

0ab0c6eb66b87c1597559316c67434f414f4141In the second book of the Innkeeper Chronicles series, Dina’s had an offer to host a peace summit between three warring factions at her inn. It’s immediately clear that everyone else has turned them down, because this is the most unlikely peace summit in some time. But the Gertrude Hunt is still fairly new, and Dina very badly needs the good reviews and money the summit will take in, so she agrees. Naturally, things head south pretty quickly.

I’m really enjoying this series. Space aliens hiding in plain sight on Earth makes for some good reading. The inn manages to acquire a cook for the duration of the summit, who is a hoot (and will thankfully be sticking around). And Dina’s one permanent guest, a former megalomaniacal dictator, still wanted throughout the galaxy, is also a lot of fun. I also really like how they’re treating what I assume will be the love story – the love interest is off living his life in this book, and Dina has to deal with it.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where things go from here.


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