Garden Notes

a07212017 003

The community garden plot is definitely looking lush.   In addition to the crazy zucchini, a bunch of other produce is coming along.

a07232017 043

Here’s one of the fairy eggplants coming along.     It has huge flowers, bigger than the Asian variety that I’m also growing, which will have bigger fruit.   I can totally see why eggplant were originally brought back to the old world as ornamentals.    I’m going to have to plant them for better show next year.

a07232017 051

I’ve got heaps of green tomatoes started.

a07232017 056

This is the cayenne type pepper.    This plant isn’t as big as I’d like.

a07232017 058

The first poblano plant I got is bigger, but still probably not as big as I’d like, either.    But it does have little peppers going.     The peppers are probably my worst planning this year.   They’ve ended up shaded out by the tomatoes.    (The other two plants I put in are still very small, and I doubt will end up doing much.)    I definitely need to rethink how I space things next year.   I think I need to keep the tomatoes together, and put everything else in one place on the sunnier side of the plot.

a07212017 023

And finally, back at the side garden, the ground cherries are getting big.    They will actually start to drop when they’re ready to harvest – I’ve had a few go, I expect many more soon.


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