The Wine of Angels – Phil Rickman

e3d2a69434cb04c597262376651434f414f4141Merrily Watkins has begun her first real posting as a vicar – it’s in the small village of Lewardine, and she quickly finds herself in the middle of a neighborhood drama involving a play about a long dead vicar in the same church, who was accused of being a witch.

Add in a teenage daughter (Jane), who’s not sure about the whole My-Mother-is-a-Vicar thing, and the tension between the old families of the village and the newcomers moving in to find an idyllic country life, with a little possibility of a haunted apple orchard, and things gets interesting.

I enjoyed this book. It turns into a straightforward mystery (and I did not see the villain coming – totally should have though), but it’s got a great supernatural atmosphere to it. And while I don’t live in a small English village, I have seen enough small town Maine life to recognize how to true to form it is there. Definitely a series with potential.


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