Ink and Bone – Rachel Caine

eb77cdc142a1a1c597074656a77434f414f4141Jess Brightwell lives in London in an alternate world where the library in Alexandria was never destroyed. It found a way to transmits copies of books everywhere, and now it controls all the knowledge in the world. Jess’s family are smugglers – obtaining original books for buyers who can afford them.

Jess has never shown the same aptitude for smuggling as his twin brother, and so his father manages to get him into the newest postulant class for the Library. The Brightwells see it as a business opportunity to get someone on the inside. Jess also sees it as an opportunity to surround himself with his beloved books.

Once in Alexandria, it’s clear that the there are many agendas in play – the other postulants also seem to have secrets. And it’s soon also clear that the Library itself will stop at nothing to maintain its grip over the world’s knowledge.

This was a very interesting set up – I definitely want to see what happens to Jess and his friends next. The world building was great – it’s a compelling story.


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