Garden Notes

a04162017 014

a04162017 019

a04162017 026

It was in the 50’s yesterday.   So far, it’s hit 75 today.   The daffodils shot up six inches and started to bloom overnight.    Allergies not withstanding, I went out this morning and did some clean up.    Speaking of allergies, I finally got officially tested this weekend, and I am indeed allergic to a number of trees, and some soil molds, so early Spring gardening probably isn’t the smartest thing for me to doing, but oh well.    I held out as long as I could, which means I didn’t get as much done in the backyard as I would have liked.

I did get the pots out the garage (and the chives dug up and potted).   I also cleaned up and mulched the side garden, fed the hollies out front, and put the clematis trellis up.   I even managed to de-stick most of the backyard.  Not bad for a couple hours’ work.


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