Garden Notes


I’ve got all but the husk cherries into bigger pots now, and I’ve given up on the unsprouted seeds.

I’ve realized it’s going to be a bit of a pain bringing this many plants in and out for hardening off, so I’ve been investigating mini cold frame/green house ideas so I can set something up in the side garden, and just have to cover/uncover them as needed.     Unsurprisingly, the options for small gardens aren’t great.


In other news, I put one of the Grammie begonia cuttings in potting soil a couple weeks back, and it’s been doing great, so I’ve got two more in this weekend.    An extra one for Dad, and my friend J from work (who I have totally been bonding with this past month over our need to get outside) was totally interested in talking one too.    That does leave me the two smaller ones still in water – I may root those in another pot for myself.


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