The Immortal Heights – Sherry Thomas

1fc1b1bd296268659672b526b51434f414f4141This was a satisfying conclusion to this trilogy – I’m so happy I was able to get my hands on it.

Titus has been given an ultimatum to hand over Iola to the Bane, or his people will suffer. All he can do is try to strike at the Bane in his fortress in Atlantis, an event that will lead to his death. Unfortunately, their friend Kashkari has now also seen that Iola will die at the fortress as well.

This book follows a pretty standard format – obviously, Titus, Iola and their friends have to fight the Bane. They have to get into Atlantis, and into the Fortress that most people have never even seen, let alone gotten into. And there’s also the death sentence now hanging over both their heads, both seen by seers, who supposedly can only see the truth. It’s the story itself that that is more complicated – how they get into Atlantis was a series of enjoyable twists and turns. And I think it’s fair to say, without it being spoilers, that they both find out ways to survive. Titus’ was the most expected of the two (though not within the realm of the story- I liked how they pulled it off). I did not see Iola’s reason for survival coming (despite a in hindsight, huge clue), and that was a good (if sad) pay off.

Great series. It’s a shame the rest of her books appear to be straight up romance novels, because I can’t quite bring myself to read those, even though I bet they’re great.


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