The Paper Magician – Charlie N. Holmberg

c9712ed4a0052a75973396c6b67434f414f4141Ceony has finished her work at the Tagis Praff School for Magic Workings in record time – a year – and though she had wanted to be a Smelter, because of some arcane rules of balance, she’s apprenticed instead to work with a Folder – a paper magician. And once you are bonded to a particular material, it will be your material for your lifetime.

Mg. Thane is a kind man, and not at all what she had expected for a Folder. She’s started to settle into her studies when one night they are invaded. A woman comes to Mg. Thane’s home. She clearly knows Thane – he says her name – and she is clearly an Excisioner, a practicer of blood magic. She rips Mg. Thane’s heart from his chest and leaves is a cloud of blood magic.

In a panic, Ceony makes a paper heart for Mg. Thane, and knowing she has only two days for it to last, follows the woman.  What follows is not what I was expecting from a book about paper magicians – Ceony must travel through Mg. Thane’s heart, and learn the secrets within to save him.

This is a sweet story, and an interesting set up – there are at least two more books in this series. I’m definitely interested to see what happens next.


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