The Palace Job – Patrick Weekes

743bc3d8862ca33597143676a51434f414f4141Loch and Kail start this story in jail – a very particular kind of jail – hanging from the bottom of the floating city of Heaven’s Spire, keeping the crystals that keep the city floating clean. They were sentenced to this fate by trying to sneak into Heaven’s Spire, because that city is reserved for the ruling elite. Which Loch was once a part of, until the Archvoyant killed and stole from her family. So Loch wants revenge, and recruits a band to help her – which includes a shape-shifting unicorn, a death priestess, a failed wizard, a talking war hammer and a kid with no discernible skills.

This is a fun book – sarcasm of the best kind abounds, and it’s got enough twists and turns to not just be a formulaic caper story. I really enjoyed the world building – you get good back stories on the things that are relevant to the story. There are more books to the series, so I’ll be interested to see where it goes from here.


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