Waistcoats and Weaponry – Gail Carriger

79b8e239d22f6b6596f6b726b41434f414f4141Sophronia and her friends are back at school after their adventures in London. They’re being introduced to the fine art of seduction, and Sophronia’s not sure what to do about her dueling feelings for Lord Felix Mersey and the sootie Soap.

Things are going pretty well until her friend Sidheag receives some devastating news – her werewolf uncles have betrayed her (great-great-etc) grandfather, and attempted to assassinate the queen. Lord Maccon was forced to kill his Beta, and due to the betrayal, has abandoned the pack. Sidheag leaves the school late at night to try and find her grandfather.

Sophronia and her other friends try to cover for her absence, but there’s soon no hiding it, and it’s known that Sidheag has run off. At the same time, Sophronia has to return home for her brother’s engagement ball, and Dimity comes with her, as well as Lord Felix. After all that set up (seriously, that’s the set up) – things really start happening, as all of the mechanical servants at the ball are taken over, and suddenly stop working. Sidheag also shows up, and asks the girls to help her escape north to Scotland, and they sneak on board a train, which turns out to be a vampire spy train. They’re spying on a dirigible, which turns out to be under the control of Felix’s father.     Some very serious things happen at the end of this book.

This is pretty clearly the setup to a spectacular ending to the series. I’ll be very interested to see how things turn out for Sophronia and her friends.


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