Indoor Garden




I did a little movement with the houseplants this week, so it seemed a good time for a status check.

Things mostly seem fine after the summer vacation and repotting I was forced into by an infestation last winter.    About the only thing that really changed is that I can no longer keep the smaller peace lily on the radiator.   It’s just drying out at the drop of a hat.     I wonder if I should have put it in a bigger pot.   So I may need to attend to that when it warms up.

I also moved the snake plant over to the front window this weekend.    I’m considering getting a big statement plant to replace it in that corner of the dining room.    I’d rather have something that’s big on top, rather than sending over leaves that enjoy falling right in the walking path to the living room.


And finally, my father asked me for a cutting of the Grammie begonia a couple years ago at this point.    And I can’t seem to get any to root in potting soil.    So I’m trying several in water.    Let’s see if that does anything…


2 thoughts on “Indoor Garden

  1. Beautiful plants. Last year I began again to grow some houseplants and things have gone fairly well. I spent some time this weekend moving a few plants and repotting a few others. With 2 new kittens some changes were needed!


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