Garden Notes


And so it begins…

Here are this year’s seeds.   I have some leftover Tuscan kale I’ll try to use one last time this year, as well.

Definitely more flowers this year.   I saw calendula mixed in with Tuscan kale in the Kitchen Garden at the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden last summer, and having grown both, and knowing I like both, I love the idea of that mix.    I also want zinnias, because they’re just awesome, and no one around here sells flats that I’m at all interested in.

This year’s experiment is the Goldie ground cherries.   I would love to grow fruit, but I don’t have the space for trees or bushes.      This will give me something sweet, without taking up a ton of room.    So we’ll see how that goes.    My mother has grown them before, so they should work.




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