Knitting Notes

Well, both of the projects I’ve started so far this year have been frogged.

In the case of the Blank Canvas sweater, even though I’m supposedly matching gauge, it was too big.    I’d gotten all they way to the chest and where you pause before making and attaching the sleeves, and it was just too big.    I did start the sleeves (I have figured out how to lengthen them),and those were also huge.    So I did some measurements, frogged the whole thing, and started over with the 40″ size.   (I had been doing 44″.)    So let’s so how that goes.

In the case of the Winter’s Fern hat, I got fairly far along, close to starting the shaping, and I just wasn’t loving the colors.    The two options I had for base yarns are just too light – I need to start this over again when I have something darker to use as the main color.

I’ve picked out another pattern I recently saw and really liked.    I’m about 98% sure what yarn I’d like to use, but it will require some swatching.     So I should get that wound, and at least swatched this week.    I probably won’t post anything until I’ve cast on the actual hat.


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