The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet – Bernie Su and Kate Rorick

Another Kindle sale book here – but I might have paid more for it had I known about it earlier.    The Lizzie Bennett Diaries are a fantastic web series that adapted Pride and Prejudice into the modern day.    Lizzie’s a communications grad student doing a web series as a project, and Darcy is the hipster owner of a software company that she meets when his friend Bing Lee moves to town.

I loved that series while it was happening.       This book ties in as Lizzie’s offline diary, where she’s recording detail she’s purposefully not putting online because they’re too private.     It’s some nice detail to fill in – there’s more interaction with her parents, and little details here and there that just help a few things make more sense.     There are also links to the appropriate shows, where they match up in the timeline – really well done there.    It’s a nice companion to the web series.


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