Saving Mars – Cidney Swanson

I picked up this book (and the other five in the series) on a .99 cent Kindle sale.     Jessamyn is a pilot on Mars, training all her young life to be able to make the run to Earth to get supplies for the Colony.    This is complicated by a war that resulted in a no contact rule with Earth, enforced by a laser system Earth installed around Mars.    So they need a really good pilot to run through the guns.    And they must make this run – the last war also set them back on the terraforming progress, so supplies from Earth are all that keep them alive.

It’s also complicated by Earth’s rebodying program.    Basically, you live your first eighteen years, than get rebodied into an old body for the next eighteen, move to a slightly younger body for the next eighteen, and finish up your life in an eighteen year old’s body.     And then you die.   It’s a life that those on Earth agreed to, but Mars did not.   So those that go to Earth also have to pass for older people in a younger person’s body.

The premise was interesting enough that I bought the whole series, and it’s not bad.    There’s additional detail of course – like Jess’s brother, who’s brought along to try and destroy the lasers around Mars because he’s a computer genius, but he’s also clearly somewhere on the autism spectrum, and the trip presents problems for him.    I wasn’t completely sold on things – Jess does make an important alley on Earth before escaping, but there are many complications, so she’ll clearly be back (easy to tell even without the other five books).    There was just something very pat about the whole thing.   So I will read more, but I’m glad I only paid .99 cents for each book.


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