Whispers Underground – Ben Aaronovitch

So before we left for England, the BF was looking for something to take on the plane, and I suggested Midnight Riot (aka Rivers of London), the first book in this series.    Well, he blew through that book, bought the rest that were out and we didn’t already have yet, while we were in London, and has now read them all.  Our friend K (in London) accidentally let on that something fairly big happened in the fourth book, so I was pretty much ordered to read up at least that far, lest I accidentally be subject to spoilers.    So here I am.

In this book, the son of a US Senator has been found, stabbed, in a Tube station.     Peter finds himself involved with the Underground, Victorian sewers, and an FBI agent, who was a great insight for me into how the English view American’s obsession with guns.

They also make some progress into their search for the Faceless Man, which introduces a couple of characters that have already recurred in at least the book after this.

What I really do like about these books is the touches in real London – this one included a trip to the Tate Modern, and having just been over there, I had such an easy time seeing everything that happens in the Tube in my mind’s eye.    And I still just really like Peter as a character – his reaction to everything that’s happening around him is just great.


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