Garden Notes

So instead of pet sitting, for my trip, I required seedling sitting.   My chard and kale went over to my mother’s house, and came back with friends.    That, and my chard must have quadrupled in size.

So I now have chard, kale, basil, shishito peppers, yellow cauliflower and marigolds.   The chard and kale are on day two of a hardening off schedule, because there’s really no reason I shouldn’t be able to plant those out this coming weekend – they are cold hardy.




This weekend, I started out with some much needed yard work.     The clematis was just about ready to walk away, so I’ve got that trellised.    I also got the big pots set up in their summer locations.     Most of what will be in those isn’t ready to go out yet, but at least that’s one last task I’ll have when I I can plant.

There are no back yard pots this year.    I planted the remaining potted hostas into the hosta bed in back.    I lost my heucheras again, so I’m done with those, until I have real garden beds I’ll be willing to locate them in permanently.      I won’t do them again in pots.

I did have to repot my lemon thyme as the pot it was in was actually flaking apart.    That and the mint are out in the side garden, getting sun.    (Well, they were in the gorgeous weather yesterday.   It turned rainy and cooler today.)


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