River Secrets – Shannon Hale

Razo is pretty ordinary –he’s not particularly tall, or a particularly good soldier.    So he’s really not sure why he’s been asked to go along on an important diplomatic mission to Tira, the country that Bayern just defeated in a terrible war.

But Razo’s friend Enna (the fire mage that defeated the Tirans, though they’re managed to keep her identity secret) is going, and he decides to go along to be as helpful as possible.      And it turns out that Razo has a very unique skill – he can befriend almost anyone, including the Prince of Tira, who normally doesn’t talk to anymore.     There’s also the pretty Lady Dasha, who just may be in on the Bayern’s side.

But someone does wish the mission from Bayern ill, and burned out bodies keep showing up.   It’s not Enna, but the prospect of another powerful fire mage is chilling indeed.    Razo and Dasha might just be the only ones who can figure out the mystery of the charred bodies.

This is a great continuation of the Books of Bayern – Razo’s easy to care about, and journeying to a new land brings some interesting changes to the continuing story.


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