Talking to Dragons – Patricia C. Wrede

Daystar had never been into the Enchanted Forest himself before, until the day a wizard showed up at the cottage he shares with his mother, and his mother unexpectedly destroys the wizard.     Even more strangely, she heads into the Forest, comes back with a sword, hands that to Daystar, and tells him he has an errand to do, and not to come back until he’s done.

Now, this being the fourth book in the series, we know that Daystar is the son of Queen Cimorene and King Mendenbar (of the Enchanted Forest), and Mendenbar went missing shortly before Daystar was born.     So this means it’s time for Dayster to bring Mendenbar back.

I do love these books- they’re just a ton of fun.     I think the action of this story takes place over two days, but they’re a great two days, full of old friends, and new, weird things in the Enchanted Forest.     A fitting end to this series.


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