The Moon and the Face – Patricia A. McKillip

In Moonflash, Kyreol and her friend Terje went on a journey to see what was beyond the Riverworld where they had grown up, and found that their simple land was part of a larger world with more advanced technology that allows them to travel to the stars.      Kyreol stays there with her mother, but Terje sometimes goes back to their village as an observer.

When Kyreol leaves their world, she crash lands on an alien planet, at the same time that her dying father, the Healer of their village, summons Terje to him.    Kyreol dreams that something terrible has happened, and tries her best to figure out a way to get home.

First thing – you must have read Moonflash before you read this book, or it’ll make absolutely no sense.    (If it were published today, the two books would have been published as one.)      I also didn’t like this book as much as the first book- it’s like a coda.     I think it really doesn’t deserve to stand alone, which made the reading experience a little weird.      Definitely at the bottom of this author’s work, for me.


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