Fenway Park, Boston, MA




I was recently bemoaning the lack of photos on my blog – January is entirely books and knitting up until now.     But, it is is winter in New England.   It’s not that I don’t go anywhere in the winter – it’s usually just things more like last weekend, where we went down to greater Boston to hang out with friends for the night.    There are pictures on Facebook for that- but not so much of the kind of pictures I usually post here.

But, today was my FIL’s 70th birthday, so we (MIL, BF, me, and his two brothers) all met up for the festivities.    Which started out with a Fenway tour.   Now, I am not the world’s biggest baseball fan, but I am from New England, so I wasn’t completely disinterested.    And Fenway is very cool, and very historic.    And it was a lovely weekend to wander around Boston (properly bundled up, of course.)

Yes, there is a random 14 story ski jump being built in the field.     And no, even the tour guides did not know the full detail of how that was going to be used.


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