Smoke and Mirrors – Tanya Huff

This is a great book- it’s a classic haunted house tale, with a wizard and a vampire thrown into the mix.

Tony Foster is working as a PA with a Vancouver production company (filming a vampire tv show called Darkest Night that only a few on the crew know is a little more true to life than most people would ever believe).      They have a haunted house episode coming up, so the producer has found the creepiest location he could – an old mansion called the Caulfield House.    It’s mostly abandoned, now with just a caretaker living there.

While they’re filming, Tony sees two ghosts – a brother and sister.      They’re surprised he can see them, but quickly tell him he needs to get the crew out by nightfall.     Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen, and a number of the crew, including the producer’s two young daughters, are trapped in the house overnight.

Turns out Mr. Caulfield was a collector of occult things, and after his death, anyone that tried to live in the house ended up as part of a murder/suicide.     They replay at night now, and Tony is able to see them.     It’s up to him to save the crew, because there’s something evil in the house that wants them all dead.

I really liked this book.     It’s a good twist on the haunted house tale, and the various characters in the production company (as well as the two hilariously over-entitled little girls) make things fun.      My only minor quibble – there’s very little Henry Fitzroy in the story.     But this really is more Tony’s series, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.


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