Knitting Notes

Pattern: a simple stockinette cowl, by me
Yarn: Twillingate Farm’s Alpaca yarn
Needles: Size 8 circs

So I’d tried to make a hat out of this yarn, and the heavier weight yarn just didn’t work in a more formal pattern.    So I frogged that, and went with a really simple cowl instead.   I believe this was a 90 stitch cast on.     I alternated one row of of the heavier weight (about an aran weight) with two rows of the lighter weight (about a finger weight), held double.

It’s a lovely, thick fabric.    It’s going to be awesome for snow removal, and the like – nothing is going to get past it.


4 thoughts on “Knitting Notes

  1. That's awesome! One of my coworkers lives like 45 seconds away from there, and we're always driving past them to get to the Mexican place, so she and I are always discussing those alpacas! I'm so excited that someone has some of their yarn!! I KNOW THOSE ALPACAS!! 😉


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