Timeless – Gail Carriger

This is a fun end to the Parasol Protectorate books.      In the last book, Alexia had had a baby with her werewolf husband, meaning that young Prudence is a metanatural- able to take on the characteristics of a supernatural creature with just a touch.     Which is all sorts of fun with a barely verbal toddler who doesn’t quite get why she can’t touch people whenever she wants to (including Daddy), lest there’s suddenly a baby vampire or werewolf cub running around.

The main part of this book takes place going to, and in Egypt, after the oldest vampire, Queen Matakara, summons them to show her Prudence.     And since Prudence is the adopted daughter of another vampire (Lord Akeldama), for purely political reasons (and also lots of fun), Alexia and her husband set off immediately, travelling under the cover of Alexia’s friend Ivy’s theater troop.

So pretty much, this books is as madcap as the ones that came before – perfect light reading.     I am pleased to see that Prudence has her own series (once she turns 18 and Lord Akeldama gifts her with her own dirigible), so I’ll be looking forward to tracking those down once they’re in paperback.


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