Garden Notes

The weather is just wacky.   It’s so freaking warm.   I mean look at the Swiss chard!   Because it can survive a frost or two, it’s doing beautifully.   So it’s made putting the garden to bed this year problematic.

Some things are done – I pulled out the clematis yesterday, so that whole side of the side garden looks empty.

But the herbs are, for the most part, still doing strong, so I’ve left them for now.

So yesterday was a whole lot of neatening.     It was a little on the breezy side, so I didn’t do much raking – if you count the four bags I pulled out just from around the driveway as not much raking.   But I suppose when you compare it to the below, it really isn’t that much.


I had today off, so the above was my first order of business.

Because of some other things I needed to get done around the house, I committed to ten bags this morning.     Which got me to the above.    I guess it’s a good thing I took Friday off as well…


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