Life as We Knew It – Susan Beth Pfeffer

Miranda is a very typical teenager, in a very typical town in Pennsylvania, totally annoyed by the extra assignments at school that week, due to a projected asteroid hit on the moon.     Everyone is absolutely moon crazy, and the whole world makes the asteroid viewing a regular party.    Except, the asteroid is much more dense than expected, and actually knocks the moon off its orbit, pushing it closer to Earth.

You can imagine what happens next.     This is actually a really truthful book.    It’s pitched for YA, but really doesn’t hold back from what would happen if something that catastrophic were to happen.    There are massive tsunamis effecting coastal cities, disturbances in gravity that set off new volcanoes, massive changes in weather patterns, you name it.

But really, this story is about Miranda’s family, and how you could live through an event like this.    And that is what makes this book so amazing.    Miranda and her younger brother are forced to grow up.    Miranda fights with her mother, over really plausible things.    Lots of people come in and out of their lives, as people try to make sense of this new world.     And hunger becomes a real issue.     Just a fascinating story to think about.


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