So my sister got married on the third.    Which meant we got to go out to CA for the event.   (I was a bridesmaid.)    The family part of the trip is covered on Facebook, and elsewhere, because this is not a family oriented sort of blog, but the BF and I did extend the trip so we could take in the wonders of Southern California.    (There are also a slew of book reviews coming in – I’m just finally getting around to writing those up.)

There will be pictures, and some separate highlights, but some of the non-pictorial highlights:

Driving around near San Diego.    The traffic wasn’t like LA, and the coast is beautiful.   One night, we stopped in La Jolla, at La Pescadera, and had grilled octopus and grilled mahi mahi sandwiches that were just to die for.    Such a nice time.

Three fly overs by the Blue Angels!  (Miramar air show that weekend.)

On our drive from San Diego up to LA – the used bookstores.    Fahrenheit 451 in Carlsbad was awesome.    Actually, I liked Carlsbad – seemed like a nice little town.    (Little being comparative of course, I think it’s like the size of Portland, population wise.)

The Santa Monica Freeway.   Bleh.    Enough said.

We went and saw a taping of Undateable.    First off: the Warner Brothers lot is huge!   Second, does no one read instructions?    We were almost the only ones that left our cell phones in our cars, as requested.    (Though clearly this was expected, based on the cell phone confiscation and storage kit they rocked out at final security stop.)     Third: not necessarily in a hurry to do that again.    That’s a lot of constant laughter.   Fourth: what a fascinating process!

102 degrees is too freaking hot.    Enough said.

Food in LA/Pasadena is great.

The president is on my shit list.   He was landing at LAX as we were supposed to take off.    So we got to boil on the tarmac, and on the tail end, switch terminals in Atlanta in 10 minutes.    We did made that connection.   Our luggage did not.    At least it came on the next flight, the next morning.


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