Fort Williams – Cape Elizabeth, ME







So last week, we had my coworkers from Chattanooga up for a big training session.     Several of them had not been to Maine before, so we brought them out one evening to Fort Williams to see the Head Light.

Totally by accident, I ended up getting some nice contrasting pictures of the different sized ships that come to Portland.     The sail boat and lobster boat were passing by, and I took some pictures of them going by the Ram Island Ledge Lighthouse, because, well, it’s picturesque.       And then, both a Celebrity and a Carnival cruise liner left town at the same time, and I had to get some pictures with the Ram Island light in them, just for the perspective.     Those are some big ships…





Garden Notes

The back yard is clear!!    Well, not really.   I had to take the empty pots out of the way, so it was easier to put the growing ones up against the fence where they’re out of the way until they die back and I can put them away.


The side garden is in that weird state of borrowed time that happens when you haven’t had a frost yet in September.    The tomatoes are still producing, but totally living on borrowed time at this point.    Shiso looks great, though.

New Hampshire/Vermont Border – a.k.a. the Connecticut River


If you look at a map, Grafton Notch State Park is right next to the very top of New Hampshire, which is the skinniest part of that state.     Since our friend and the BF had met when she was an exchange student at his high school in Vermont, and she hadn’t managed a trip to VT this trip, we just decided to go for it.     We went through Dixfield Notch (more pretty drive), and reached the Connecticut River.    We went over to VT, and circled back to NH.    (These pictures are from the NH side once we were back over.    I think it’s Colebrook.)

Moose Cave, Grafton Notch State Park -Newry, ME








Grafton Notch State Park was a pleasant surprise.   I’ve known of it for a while.   (Driving through at dusk is apparently the closest you can ever get to guaranteed moose sightings.)     We headed up here to see a nearby waterfall, and then realized we’d hit the park.   That waterfall was forgotten.

The Moose Cave walk is a treat.    It’s a quarter mile, and while you can’t get a stroller down there, anyone ambulatory can hack this walk.      There’s a neat gorge, some amazing moss gardens, and a patch of reindeer moss.     Totally worth a stop as you drive through.