Garden Notes


Aren’t those just the cutest mutant carrots ever?    And I have beets!    (And really, beet greens!)    I harvested both of these containers because they were really getting in the way of me getting to the tomato pots.   Plus, since I’m not the kind of person willing to start my carrot bed a year ahead of time, it’s not like they were going to get any longer, or any straighter.


In other news, I’ve tried a few extra tricks to try and straighten up the tomato cages.     I don’t remember having to do this last year, so I think I must have done an interim step, pre-steel fence posts, that kept them pretty steady once the posts were in.   The funny thing is, they’re not quite as big as last year, but I don’t remember last year’s being quite as tippy.

I also move the Swiss chard in amongst the chives, to get them away from the tomatoes.    This did involve replanting one chard plant that had managed to get into the beet container, so here’s hoping that survives.


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