Calling on Dragons – Patricia C. Wrede

I have to admit, I’m a little sad I only have one book left in this series.   I know I can count on these books when I want to be amused and entertained.

The Wizards are up to their old tricks with the Enchanted Forest, and since Queen Cimorene is pregnant, everyone else is trying to make sure she doesn’t overdo it.     So the witch Morwen and the Sorcerer Telemain are more or less in charge in this book, with Kazul, Mendanbar and Cimorene there to help.

What I enjoyed most in this book are Morwen’s cats.    Now, they’re not proper witches’ cats, as there’s more than one of them, and none of them are black.     What they are is a raft of sarcastic siblings, and I love them.       Morwen’s the only one that can actually understand them, so their asides about the other characters are wonderful.      Honestly, the cats make the book.    I don’t even care what happened so much, because I was getting a kick out of the cats.


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