The Music of Darkover – ed. Elisabeth Waters

Published in 2013, this was the first new Darkover anthology in a very long time.     The music theme apparently grew out of a submission for the planned anthology (Stars of Darkover – currently sitting in my TBR pile) that was based on a Darkover filk song, but was way too long to include in Stars.     So a separate music-themed anthology was born.

The funny thing about this one is that it feels like a bit of a time capsule, because it does deal with the very pre-internet Darkover fan days (when MZB was still alive).     It’s very cool to see how much she loved music, and the people that were involved with her (and subsequently this book) because of music.      This is definitely a must have book for any Darkover completests.

My petty complaint: they’ve gone the self-publishing route, which is awesome in many ways, but means this is trade paperback size, so will not fit on the shelf with most of my other Darkover books.    Totally petty, I know, but it is what it is.


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