Meditations on Road Tripping

My favorite random restaurant on Harvard Street in Allston

This post really belongs in March, but said road trip involved a Monday and Tuesday off, and my track record for posting during the week isn’t great, hence why it ended up in April…

After the Winter That Would Not End ™, we really needed to get the heck out of Dodge.   BF’s brother happened to be house sitting in Boston, so didn’t bring his car, and needed to get back to VT.    So, we packed up the car, side lined to Boston, and spend a lovely long weekend driving around.    The above pictured diversion to the Allston section of town was to check out a restaurant we’d seen on a certain Food Network show that has a three letter abbreviated name.     Despite the fact that the host drives me crazy, it’s the one show on that network we seek out when we have cable available.    Anyway, Deep Ellum was good.    We had truffled fries and I had the best kielbasa breakfast sandwich I’d ever had.     We barely ate anything for the rest of the day.

On our traditional trip up to my favorite independent bookstore, I finally got my Spring flower fix.    It’s sad I had to go to mountain country Vermont to manage this.   But at least it happened in March, like it’s supposed to happen!

And finally, I like going to Vermont because I can stop at Bennington Beverage, and have the above selection of Woodchuck cider available to me.   (Yes, this is the cider section of the cooler there.    I’ve zoomed in on just the Woodchuck.    There are even other Vermont brands available.    And this does not include the shelf and a half of cider bombers in the next cooler over.)     Being one of those wacky people that does not drink beer, this is my heaven.     I grabbed an Out on a Limb (aka the Spitter Splitter) pack, which is made with old fashioned cider apples (the ones you’d never, ever want to eat raw).     It was good.   So good.    Like seriously considering calling in the in laws and asking them stock up for me so I can grab it my next trip good.

It was nice to get out on the road again.    We usually manage at least one trip even in the depths of winter, so not being able to was just depressing this year.    I’m glad Spring has sprung, and we’re moving out of winter wasteland finally.


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