Knitting Notes


Pattern: TPHPE by Heather Zoppetti
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers in green and Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Superwash in the Columbine Heather colorway

I’d read about double knitting in a couple of different places recently, and when I came across this pattern while looking for things I could use to stash bust, I decided to needed to try it.

Full confession: I cast this one six different times – it took me that long to wrap my head around it.    But once I got there, I really liked it.   I did end up having to stitch mark every five pattern stitches (so ten stitches within that) just to keep my place in the pattern, and I still made a couple small mistakes, but all and all, it’s good, and I really like this technique.   The fabric is nice and thick, too.   I really want to try a hat with double knitting.

Yarn-wise, I needed two yarns with more contrast.     These are ok, but it is a little hard to see the pattern.    I also picked two that while both worsted, are probably on opposite sides of what that size range that would allow, so what should have been a square is more rectangular.    So, note to self, try to use the same brand of yarn if I try this in the future.


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