In my final gardening act of the year, I spent all morning yesterday raking out the back yard.    I had done a little prep two weeks ago when I cleaned out the driveway and back staircase area and started a pile in the back yard, but I don’t think I’ve ever done all my bagging in one day.     It went on forever.

I had a batch of smaller bags I’d accidentally bought last year that I wanted to get through, so I used those first.    They essentially held half what the bigger bags do, and didn’t fit the form I use, so I was fiddling with them constantly.     Things went sooooo much faster once I switched to the bigger bags.   Note to self: be very careful with bag size from now on.      There will be no more small bags.

I ended up with the equivalent of 21 1/2 big bags.      And remember, there are no trees actually in my back yard.     Sigh.


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