Knitting Notes

Pattern: Purl Soho’s Little Cable Knee Highs
Yarn: Knitpicks Stroll Tweed in the Down Heather Colorway
Needles: Size 2.5 DPNs

My knee socks are done!    They fit perfectly, and they’re just in time for boot weather!

They are also damned hard to take pictures of, which is why my one sock pictures are staying up on Ravelry.

The pattern’s great – pretty easy, but the cable gives it enough interest to keep it from being totally boring.    The yarn is also lovely.     It’s nice and soft, and is also very sturdy.    I really do appreciate my Knitpicks yarn.

I actually have to give them a customer service shout out.   I ordered some yarn last week, and threw in a couple pair of the Caspian fixed circular needles.    One arrived broken.    Not only was I able to call them immediately (I’m on the East Coast, and they’re on the West – but they actually keep someone around at 5:00 in the morning!    I called at lunchtime because I didn’t think such a thing was possible), but she immediately shipped a replacement out to me, and just had me throw the old ones out (sending them back would have been annoying).     I think the call took a minute.    Fabulous company to do business with.


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