The Creeps – John Connolly

Read for the RIP IX Reading Challenge.

Were it not for a well timed trip to Northshire Books, I would not have known this book was out.   It’s the third book in a trilogy about Samuel Johnson’s multi-dimensional adventures, after the small English town he lives in becomes the fore-front in an invasion from Hell.

In this last book, something worse than Hell is trying to invade Biddlecombe, as Samuel’s mortal enemy, Mrs. Abernathy, has made a deal with the Shadows in order to get Samuel in her clutches.

Getting Samuel involves the reopening of the town’s department store, which has been shut for decades, and reopens as a Christmas wonderland, complete with evil wooden elves, a homicidal Miss Muffet, and various other children’s toys turned very bad.   Samuel’s best friend, Nurd, the only slightly evil demon, is also back.   It’s sarcastic fun (complete with snarky footnotes), and I’m a little sorry that this book means it’s over.


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