Colonial Pemaquid Maine Historic Site




In our bid to fully use our Maine State Park pass, after our stop at the Botanical Garden on Saturday, we stopped by the Colonial Pemaquid Historic Site, by way of several of the fingers of the Bristol peninsulas.    (If you’ve never been to mid-Coast Maine, the coast line is all peninsulas there.   If you only went along Route 1, you’d think there couldn’t be a lot down there, everything goes by so fast.   You’d be wrong.)

Pemaquid is neat.    It’s the remains of several English forts that attempted to protect a settlement going back to the 1620s, so it’s what passes for pretty old archaeology around here.    (I’ll admit to being a little jaded by watching Time Team.    It is a little strange to think you can walk outside and find Iron Age ruins in England, while our natives didn’t leave much that was tangible.)

In our wanders, we happened open Miss Ashley’s Sub Shack in South Bristol, which had freaking amazing Philly cheese steaks.   (The grill was manned by a Philly native.)    That place is so off the beaten path I doubt I’ll ever be able to send someone there, but I want to – it was that good.

Bonus picture of Pemaquid Point Light.     There was a wedding, so we didn’t get to wander around.


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