Knitting Notes

So on the heels of the Flicker socks, I finished off the Risata yarn with a few more hexipuffs.    The nice thing about these ones is they’re different than my regular color palette, so should lend some nice contrast.

After that, I was a little bit of loose ends, because I was waiting for a Knitpicks order to come in.    I was commissioned to make another Evenstar shawl, for a coworker, by another coworker.    It’s been a stealth project, so when I brought in the yarn yesterday for final approval, I had to sneak over when the two coworkers weren’t together (and considering they’re in final testing on a large project, that’s some feat, let me tell you).    So I got a little cloak and dagger fun in, and I get to make another Evenstar, which I really enjoyed making for myself.

This one is in Knitpick’s Gloss Lace, in the Sterling colorway.


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