The Burning Sky – Sherry Thomas

In a world where Atlantis exists, but isn’t seen by the non-magical realms, Prince Titus is the titular head of the one of the Domains conquered by Atlantis.    He’s a puppet, with the representative of the Bane of Atlantis being the real power in the realm.      What the Bane doesn’t know is that Titus’ mother was a seer, and before her death, she made sure that her son had records of her visions.       And foremost in those is that another young man, an Elemental Mage, would help Titus overthrow Atlantis.

Currently, Titus is attending Eton in England, where they think he’s a minor German prince.     He’s made arrangements for a life for this mystery young man, so that when he finds him, Titus can bring him to Eton where he’ll be safe.      Small problem – the Elemental Mage is named Iolanthe, and when she reveals herself, Titus suddenly realizes how much harder it will be to keep her safe.  Iola, for her part, has no idea if she can trust the prince, and has also been thrust in the strange world of Victorian England, where she has to pretend to be a boy.

The story has a slightly steam-punky feel to it, but it’s got pretty heavy straight fantasy elements as well.      I really loved it.       And am somewhat annoyed that it just came out, and I have to wait to see what happens next.     The story seems like it should be pretty straightforward, because Titus’ mother has seen what should happen, but I have a feeling it’s still going to take some interesting twists and turns, and may not turn out the way it “should” be, and I can’t wait to see how that all happens.


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