Lady Friday – Garth Nix

In this latest book of The Keys to the Kingdom, Arthur is going after the fifth piece of the Will in Lady Friday’s realm in the Middle House.    It’s basically anything having to do with printing, including a river of words where everyone has to wear clothes made of paper with moveable text to protect themselves from the water.    As a book lover, I loved that touch.

It also turns out that Superior Saturday has taken over Lady Friday’s lands, so Arthur gets his first taste of fighting her.

On the side, Arthur’s friend Leaf has been taken to another planet where Lady Friday is holed up, “experiencing” the lives of people she’s kidnapped from Earth, including Leaf’s aunt, and possibly Arthur’s mother.     This experiencing takes the memories from people, leaving them sleeping shells.     Leaf needs to figure out a way to get to Arthur so he can come help her save the kidnapped people.

The plot is definitely moving into high gear, with only two books left in the series, and the searching and fighting for the pieces of the Will are growing more fierce.   I definitely can’t wait to see what happens when Superior Saturday actually arrives on the scene.


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