The Tote of Shame

I don’t think I’ve done a state of the Tote of Shame post in a while.   You’ll notice it’s a bookcase.    Why call it the Tote of Shame, then?    Because it started out a long time ago as a tote.    And when I bought a new bedside table, and this became available, the tote was over flowing, so I moved everything to this bookcase next to my desk.     You can just barely see that it’s double stacked.

I’ve tried for a bit of organization.    The top interior shelf is supposed to be books in series.     And the very top (other than the scanning to do pile in and under the photo box) is supposed to be stuff I want to read in short order, or have plans for (like for challenges).   But it’s definitely slipping in the organizational category.

So my only resolution for the year is to organize this mess.    I’ll keep together good candidates for challenge books, and I also want a section for the books that have been there the longest, so I can try to get through a few of those this year.   (I made pretty good headway with that last year, so turnover has been good.)    I also want to concentrate on finishing off a few series that have been languishing.

So there you go – a New Year’s Resolution I feel reasonably sure I can actually accomplish.


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