Knitting Notes

Pattern: Hunter Cowl by Diana Burk
Yarn: Lion Brand Woolease Thick and Quick in the Oatmeal colorway
Needles: Size 13 and 35 circs and 11 DPNs

I think I need more commissions.    This pattern was nothing I would have ever made for myself, but it was a lot of fun to do.    The needles were ridonkulously big, on the opposite side of the spectrum from what I usually do.   Here’s hoping it fits E!


2 thoughts on “Knitting Notes

  1. Megan, The pattern for the Hunger Games Cowl is no longer available on line. I see that you made it and yours turned out awesome!! I have a teenager (Meaghan) that is totally hooked on the Hunger Games and all the characters and asking me to make her one of those. Any chance that you might still have the pattern and be able to share it with me? MANY thanks! Naomi


  2. Naomi, are you on Ravelry? Check out the Katniss Cowl pattern by Lollyknits. It's the most similar free pattern to the one I made. (I'm really uncomfortable going against copyright to share the pattern I bought, but I can tell you if you don't want to do the neck variation in the Lollyknits pattern – the big secret of the Anaid Design pattern is icord. You basically just make three huge icords and sew them together, and they're plenty strong enough to stand up. The drape on the Lollyknits pattern will get you the rest of the way there.)


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