Blood Bound – Patricia Briggs

Read for the RIP VIII Reading Challenge.

Mercy Thompson owes a few people some favors.    Since she can turn into a coyote whenever she likes, her vampire friend Stefan asks her to go along when he needs to deliver a message to another one of his kind.    Unfortunately, it turns out that this vampire has a demon riding him, and Mercy’s life is about to get very complicated.

The first thing I need to note about this book is how much the cover irritates me.   (I’ve covered how the covers kept me from reading this series for a while in my review of the first book.)     Mercy’s a mechanic.    At no point does it mention that she prefers to work with her coveralls unbuttoned to the naval so that everyone can see her bra.    I get that this book nominally falls in to the paranormal romance category (if Mercy could get around to making up her mind), but really?    Do we need to keep doing this to covers on these books?

But, cover whining aside, I am enjoying this series.   It definitely skews dark (Mercy goes through a lot tracking down this demon), but I really like that Mercy is in the thick of things, dealing with crap, and doing so in a fairly human way, not withstanding that she’s a shape-shifter.


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