Wiltshire, Day 11: Stourhead



















Since we had our car until the end of the day Saturday, and had to clear out of the cottage by 10:00 AM, we figured we’d be silly not to stop off somewhere on the way back to London.    Using my trusty National Trust handbook, I located Stourhead House and Garden, in Wiltshire (so not too far from Stonehenge), just off the A303.      I’m so happy I we decided to stop here.

So, big Pride and Prejudice fan.     And I totally got my Lizzie Bennett visiting Pemberley house visit (though I have to say, the house itself actually reminded me more of Netherfield in the Kiera Knightley P&P movie).     The garden here is a classic, Capability Brown era landscape garden, complete with grotto and artfully placed faux-Roman temples.     It was completely wonderful to wander around (especially after about three hours in the car at that point).    They did have a really neat walled garden, though Heligan’s was still better.

The house was really neat, too.   First: it’s still lived in.     There’s a lovely drawing room on the tour with amazing furniture and tons of art on the wall, and the current owner’s tv in the corner.    Second: again, I totally got my P&P experience.      Everything looked straight out of a Regency-era movie.     It was probably even more special because I’d literally looked it up the night before, and had no expectations of visiting a place like this.     Totally made the England portion of the trip complete to me.


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