Cornwall, Day 9: Cotehele










Cotehele was the home of the Earls of Mount Edgecumbe back to Tudor times, but they eventually built a much nicer home, and Cotehele became a dumping ground of old furniture and knick knacks.    That’s the beauty of Cotehele.    All of the rooms still have walls covered in tapestries (which means they keep the inside dim,  and why you won’t get pictures inside to do the place justice).     The cottage owners recommended we visit here particularly, and we were really glad we did – it’s a really special place.

Part of that specialness is getting there.    You need to travel through at least a mile of single lane country road.   The kind that has ten foot hedgerows right up against both sides, and barely any laybys.    It was a miracle we didn’t encounter anyone on that road.     And I’m extremely proud of my sister for managing to drive it without having a heart attack.

But back to Cotehele – the gardens are extensive.    There’s a valley garden running down towards the Tamar River, and back gardens near the kitchen garden and a productive orchard.

In the area, also managed by the National Trust, are a mill complex and a discovery center down the Tamar with a restored barge and other things to explore.    It’s a really neat property to explore – I really wish I could return there.


2 thoughts on “Cornwall, Day 9: Cotehele

  1. Jenn

    Those country lanes are exactly why we're not driving anywhere on our next trip over there! 😉 Everywhere we drove was either those or an M-road – nothing in between! AHHHH!! 😉

    Maybe we can rent ponies and ride everywhere…. 😉


  2. Yeah, I was super glad I was not driving. (Though being in the passenger seat was interesting too. I realized at one point that I was almost always leaning inward, unless we were on one of the motorways).

    P would have had a blast. My sister was proud to survive it 😉


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