Devon, Day 8: Buckland Abbey

















For our next day out, we headed into Devon.    Our first stop was Buckland Abbey, which was originally a Cisterician abbey, founded in the 13th century, until the Dissolution.   In the 16th century, it was converted into a home, which came into the possession of Sir Frances Drake.     The house has a lot of interesting Drake artifacts.    The third floor is really cool – it’s set up to be like the deck of his ship (The Golden Hind) – I’m sure kids love it.

The other neat thing about the house is spotting the bits that were once part of the abbey – you come across the most random church features in very random places.

The grounds are beautiful.     The old Great Barn is enormous, and there are extensive gardens, both ornamental and productive.    It’s definitely a neat place to wander around.


2 thoughts on “Devon, Day 8: Buckland Abbey

  1. Yeah, we really only went because we wanted to stop somewhere on the way to Totnes. I'm really glad I found it.

    Did you guys join Royal Oak last time? Actually being a member of the National Trust worked out really well for us. We got the yearly handbook, but was really nice for trip planning each day.


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