London, Day 2: Kew Gardens













Our Thursday in London ended up being the day with the best weather, which was fortuitous, as we’d already planned to go to Kew on that day.     I’ve wanted to go to Kew since I was aware it existed, and since this was my mother’s birthday trip, and she’s also a garden person, that meant we had to go.     It did not disappoint.

We met up with my friend K, and actually managed to get the full London experience going there, as the Overground inexplicably broke down, and no one seemed to know what was going on forever.   Poor K was livid, but I actually found the whole thing rather amusing.     We still got there in plenty of time to have a full day of wandering around.

The Temperate Greenhouse, which is the largest greenhouse, was closed, but that was ok, because the Tropical Greenhouse is more than enough to keep you interested for ages.     And, outside, they’d done the coolest vegetable garden, planted up as one of the best ornamental gardens I’ve ever seen.   I aspire to have a vegetable garden that looks that good someday.

There was a lot to see just wandering around – I’ve only enclosed two pictures of the mushroom sculptures we say on one of the grand walk ways, but there was a whole series of them.   We took an interlude in the middle to see the Palace (which I’ll cover in the next post), and then wandered over to the Japanese garden, with a stop along the way at the Canopy walk.     Good lord were there a lot of stairs, but the views were amazing.

We finished the night at an Indian restaurant near K’s place, which was most definitely some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had.


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